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MILACA teen dies in road accident to school with 3 siblings Teens of MILACA, Minnesota, driving himself and three siblings to school in collision with a trailer truck in less than a mile from their destination. Crash killed his 13-year-old sister, authorities said. The accident happened at 07:55 Tuesday at … Learn more about Minneapolis Star Tribune
Jet Certificate in the Milky Way Black Hole November 20, 2013 – Astronomers have been searching for evidence that Sagittarius A * (A * SGR), a black hole in the center of the Milky Way supermassive produce a stream of high energy particles. Finally, they found him in the new results from NASA … Learn more about href=””> Science Daily (press release)

achieve U.S., Afghanistan security contract in advance Secretary of State John Kerry says he and Afghan President Hamid Karzai agreed to a security agreement which will allow text U.S. troops to stay on the ground in South Asian countries after 2014. NPR Michele Kelemen reports that after … Learn more about