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While many Bitcoin (BTC) advocates hope that despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the problems in traditional financial markets – or precisely because of them – BTC will improve, this may not happen without the active intervention of cryptocurrency itself.

“In addition to the unique features of BTC, the industry needs strong stories, marketing and user experience to help people understand the reasons why this is a compelling investment opportunity and eventually buy a few bitcoins!” This was reported to Cryptonews.com by Zack Prince, BlockFi, the main founder of the US-based cryptocurrency launch company.

He said as long as there is no better option for the US dollar, it will continue to benefit from its global reserve status.
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At the same time, “for Bitcoin-fixed delivery assets, large-scale attempts to print money in Pitt currency should lead to higher prices,” the prince said. “For crypto, we will continue to generate revenue from both retail and institutional investors, driven by the acquisition of leading platforms by new customers.”

A recent survey found that senior retailers believe that larger retailers are going to take the crypto crisis and their preferred trading pair is BTC / USD. Also, the major chat operator line simply sent another receipt stating that 62% of its Bitmax crypto trading platform users are using the new cryptocurrency.


Cheap Amtrak Tickets for a Great Vacation


With Amtrak vacations, one can avoid expensive vacations. Cheap Amtrak tickets included in the packages will save you money during these tough economic times. This can be accomplished due to the extensive Amtrak networks throughout America that allow for savings in operating costs. They have restructured their operations over the years following initial financial difficulties and are now passing on savings to travelers.
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There are also other benefits to traveling with Amtrak trains. Traveling by train can be a nightmare for poorly maintained buses. However, this does not exist on Amtrak trains. They offer good efficiency and the tours are quite relaxing for a trip within the country. In addition, you can enjoy the panoramic views that pass while resting in the comfortable cabins.
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Extensive, high-quality services offer a bargain for the low ticket prices. There are also regular discounts offered by Amtrak on tickets. These may come in the form of a weekly but different discount for specific routes or with multiple package holidays.
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There are also the essential rail passes that most train services have. Amtrak train passes will include the usual discounts as a result of mass advance purchase of your travel tickets on a full pass. This saves money for regular users of their train networks.
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Amtrak vacations are great for those looking for local vacations in the country. In addition to discounted tickets, packages include final destination hotel accommodations at reduced prices. From Texas to Los Angeles, from Seattle to Chicago, there is something in every city. The ease and convenience of purchasing one of the vacation packages can substantially reduce the hassle of planning a trip.
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Finally, taking a train trip can be less dangerous and extremely comfortable compared to driving long hours between cities in the United States. Possible traffic accidents can also be prevented, especially during the harshest winter seasons. All you do is set your feet on the train seat and watch the world go by as you reap the benefits of traveling with an Amtrak vacation package.
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Affordable Vacation Packages: What are some unmissable places for your vacation getaway?


Do you want to go to Australia on a good holiday weekend? Or head to Las Vegas casinos for fun? Regardless of what time of year you plan to go, there must be some kind of vacation package available.
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Which destinations attract you? Are you interested in a specific package like those customized for golf, romance or families? Make a list of what you expect to get from your next vacation trip and see what kind of deals you can find. Depending on your location and circumstances, you may not find exactly what you are looking for right away, so have a backup destination in mind or wait patiently for the right offer.
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Minimum vacation packages include hotel accommodation and free breakfast. Some may include free meals or even airfare. Today, it is quite common for travelers to book their air tickets and hotel rooms, while it is often cheaper to book them separately. However, this is not always the case. First, check and compare prices to see which strategy would work best for you.
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If you are going to an exotic place you have never been to before, you may want to consider a tour. Some affordable vacation packages include guided tours, usually by location. That way you can ensure that you are really experiencing everything that should be experienced. By taking a self-guided tour alone, there is always the possibility that you miss something important.

Find Affordable Beach Vacation Packages

Beach vacation deals tend to be very popular. Everyone likes to escape to a tropical beach somewhere for a few days. It is always worth considering destinations in the Caribbean, Hawaiian Islands, South America, California, and Southeast Asia.
Other types of vacation getaways that people seem to really love include ski resorts, mountain getaways, spa getaways, Disney World and cruises. You can always fly to a major city for a few nights of cosmopolitan fun. In the US, must-see cities include Vegas, New York, and New Orleans.
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Many people also want to know the west coast, so San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles are often at the top of many people’s list. Other cities in the world you might consider include Paris, London, Tokyo, Seoul, Nassau, Hong Kong, Morocco, Sydney, and Toronto.
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Remember that the best affordable vacation packages usually sell out quickly, so grab one while you get the chance!
If you really want to find some affordable vacation packages but don’t know how to get started, the best place to look is online. You can book a bargain and go on vacation of your dreams. All it takes is one online coupon or two.


Family Cruise Offers Overview – Popular Cruise Lines, Ports of Call, and Destination Activities


The cost of cruising is becoming increasingly affordable for the average family. It also helps that many of the cruise lines offer free or discounted tickets for children under a certain age, which vary from company to company. There are several reasons why family cruise arrangements are so popular: they allow passengers to see and explore interesting places, all passengers get a warm, clean bed to sleep and receive basic meals every day, and fun activities abound. and tourism opportunities. All of this is usually included in a standard rate.
There are programs for kids too. Family cruise ships offer programs with certified specialists and youth counselors. However, not all itineraries are equally suitable for families. On larger ships, for example, there is more room for more activities. It’s worth looking at Alaska Inside Passage cruises for parents who want their children to have an educational experience. There are many fun and educational opportunities aboard the ship and through shore excursions.
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Cruise itineraries, including Costa Rica, are popular with families, thanks to the myriad of thrilling activities that adventurous children love, including snorkeling, swimming, rainforest exploration, wild bird watching and so on. There are also exciting activities for the whole family, such as zip lining through the rainforest.

Other fun places to visit on a cruise ship are the Hawaiian Islands, Galapagos Islands, and Cozumel, Mexico, with their Mayan ruins, and anywhere a Disney cruise ship goes.

Other Factors to Consider When Looking for Family Cruise Deals

Another important factor to consider when comparing family cruise deals is the city of departure. Essentially, there are ports in virtually any coastal city, whether on the East Coast, West Coast, or Gulf Coast. There are also ships departing from Hawaii and Alaska. Popular departure cities include Boston, Galveston, Fort Lauderdale, New Orleans, Port Canaveral, Vancouver, and Seattle. No matter what a family’s budget is, there should be a port of departure close enough, whether driving or taking a short flight to the nearest shore.

The cheapest time to take a cruise is fall, especially in September and October. This is only possible for families with children who are not in school unless parents are willing to let their children skip for a few days.

Even the best family cruise deals do not include all the latest expenses. When considering the budget, parents should be responsible for extras such as soda, iced tea, milk, etc. Disney Cruises include at least unlimited milk, juice and caffeinated beverages. For preparation only, it is recommended that families pack rechargeable water containers.

Go online to compare family cruise deals. Not only will you find great deals for the whole family, but you’ll also have great customer service. You can also get discounts online to help you save on other travel areas, such as airfare, activities, car rentals, etc.


Top 10 Things to Do in Portland for Your Next Vacation


You may have heard a lot about Portland, Oregon, located in the Pacific Northwest section of the United States, but you may not know why you are getting so much attention.

Here are the top 10 reasons why we think you should add Portland to your list of must-see destinations.

1. Nature

Mt. Hood is often visible in the background, looking east of the city center, and you can even see Mt. St. Helens (the volcano that erupted in the 1980s) on a clear day. There are numerous parks offering wonderful walks, including a Forest Park, which is within the city limits. Visit the world famous Multnomah Falls at Columbia Gorge.

2. Drinking

You can buy local craft beer almost anywhere you want, in most restaurants, barber shops, shops, food carts and more. The local hops are one of the best in the world, so the beer is excellent. You can also visit local distilleries, wineries and hundreds of cafes.

3. Bike Friendly

Lots of bike rides, bike-friendly streets with color-coded, segmented bike lanes, and cautious, bicycle-conscious vehicle drivers. This makes the cycling experience ideal for tourists and locals. There is also an excellent public transport system with trams, trains and buses.

4. Food

A plethora of food carts are available throughout the city. Entire blocks are dedicated to carts in certain sections. The food in general is excellent and there are options for all types of diet. Whether you want locally grown, sustainable, organic, gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian options, this is the place for you. There is also a love for junk food in Portland such as pies, macaroni and cheese, unique ice cream flavors and donuts.

5. Portlandia

Part of the recent popularity has come from the Portlandia TV show. The show is filmed in Portland, and many people visit the city to find the venues featured on the show, including residences, women's bookstores, and local restaurants.

6. Markets

The most famous is the Saturday Market, with food, crafts, gifts and artists that take place every weekend in the city center. There are also farmers markets in each neighborhood during the week.

7. Bridges

Portland was nicknamed "Bridgetown" for a reason. There are nearly a dozen bridges that cross the Willamette River, separating east and west from Portland. Some are drawbridges that allow boats to pass underneath. They are also accessible on foot, by bike, by car and by train.

8. Festivals

Daylight saving time is full of music, beer, wine and rose festivals. The Portlanders passionately support their local sports teams, the MLS Timbers and the NBA Trailblazers. The International Rose Test Garden has hundreds of rose varieties to check out. The Japanese and Chinese gardens are also popular attractions. Don't forget to walk to the top of Pittock Mansion for incredible city views.

9. Other nearby places

In addition to being near the famous Mt St Helens, visitors also travel to the Oregon coast, heading north to visit Astoria (where the Goonies movie was filmed), then down the coast to Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach. Portland is also 3 hours from Seattle, Salem, Eugene, Bend and Corvallis.

10. Tax Free Purchases

Oregon is one of five US states with no sales tax, so you can save money when shopping. There are many famous brand department stores as well as local niche stores to cater for a wide variety of needs. Portland is also famous for its bookstores, vinyl record collections, antiques, recycled items and retro clothing. Check out local sales markets and sidewalk farmers for even more options. Don't forget your reusable bag!

If these 10 reasons are not enough to increase your interest in Portland, you may want to rethink the destinations you have visited in the past!


5 Ideas For Cheap Cruise Travel Deals


Everyone wants to travel the world, right? What does a luxury cruise sound like? Warm beaches, exotic ports of call, fine dining, 5-star service, hammocks and fruity umbrellas. Who could resist?

Of course there is one small problem – the outrageous prices that put the dream of a cruise vacation out of reach for 90% of people. But there is hope. I am here to help you find the absolute best cruise travel deals. Wholesale prices, incentive cruises and even FREE occasional trips are in the midst of tricks. My goal is to show you how to plan, find, book and enjoy a life cruise vacation on a tight budget, whether it's your first or tenth.

Be sure to check out this month's top tips, secrets and tricks that the travel industry doesn't want you to know about getting a fantastic cruise travel offer.

Here are 5 ideas to get you started on finding the cheapest cruise bargains:

1) Low Season

Everyone and their brother are planning a cruise in the spring or early summer. Think of spring break and this is where you'll find the crowds. The cruise industry doesn't offer good cruise travel deals during the busy season because they just don't have to. Expect a 20-30% cheaper fare for off-season cruises.

BONUS: Air fares will also be cheaper during the less traveled months, saving you an additional amount of money.

2) Consider repositioning

These cruises are very discounted because the cruise line is simply moving the boat from one port to another. They need to make the trip, regardless of how many passengers sign up. You'll have fewer ports – but if you're a true cruise lover, extra days at sea won't be a heavy burden. You can save 40 to 60% on the price per day on regular cruises.

3) Avoid the flight

Most US cruises come from Florida and California, but did you know that dozens of other shipping ports (from where you leave) are available? Unexpected places like New Orleans, Houston, Seattle, New Jersey and even Mobile, AL offer some cruising itineraries a year. If you can take a ride from somewhere within a short drive, how much will you save? Anticipate round trips to the shipping port and easily reduce $ 1000 for a family of 4

BONUS: Also, you don't have to worry about hotels on both sides of the cruise in this scenario.

4) Last Minute Savings

Generally, if your schedule is flexible, good cruise travel deals can be made within the last 2 months prior to departure. Think about it: the boat is going, the overhead is relatively fixed; therefore, empty cabins cost cruise lines a lot of money that can never be recovered. Sign up for email newsletters (cheapcruises.com, vacationstogo.com and travelzoo.com are my favorites) to receive priority notification of cruise travel offers.

5) Talk and Cruise

If you've been on a cruise, you know that there are plenty of onboard entertainment and education opportunities. Everything from underwater basket weaving, painting classes and wine tasting seminars. Did you know that each of these presenters and their family receives a complimentary cruise in exchange for two 1-hour work sessions? Do you work for 2 hours to get a free cruise?


New Orleans Guide Cruises – A Look At Itineraries, Lines, Packages, and More


Carnival, Norwegian Cruise Lines, American Cruise Lines, and American Steamboat Company offer exciting New Orleans cruises. Whether you want to travel the Gulf of Mexico or the Mississippi River, there are a variety of itineraries to choose from.

A four-day western Caribbean cruise? Seven-day Caribbean Easter Cruise? How about a 21-day Panama Canal cruise? Or even a 22-day Mississippi River cruise across North America? All of these itineraries are available year round and have New Orleans as their departure port.

An Eastern Caribbean cruise from NOLA will take you to places like Key West, Nassau and Freeport. Enjoy a few days at sea also on a Carnival cruise ship. On a Norwegian cruise ship, head to the Western Caribbean and visit Cozumel, Roatan, Southern Belize, Costa Maya, etc. This is a great cruise option if you want to see a variety of coral reefs, ancient wrecks and Mayan ruins.

Norwegian Pearl is for longer trips, such as the 21-day Panama Canal cruise. In addition to southern Belize, Roatan and Cozumel, you can see and experience Cartagena (Colombia), Puntarenas (Puerto Caldera), Acapulco, Cabo San Lucas and other beautiful and cozy places. Remember that some itineraries end in Seattle, not round trip.

Mississippi Cruises from New Orleans

There are a wide variety of Mississippi cruises to choose from, including itineraries in Upper Mississippi, Lower Mississippi, eight-day New Orleans round-trip pedal boats, and so on. Some also include time on the Ohio River. There is plenty to experience in the southern and midwestern states. Some of these New Orleans cruises have special themes, such as a food cruise, a music cruise, and a Civil War cruise.

One reason you might consider having New Orleans as your cruise departure port is because the city offers great vacation experiences one or two nights before your cruise. This will give you the chance to have a great time during the time between your arrival at the airport and your ship's departure. Depending on the cruise line you choose, admission to places and events such as the National WWII Museum, Mardi Gras World, Audubon Zoo, Treme Walking Tour and Longue Vue House & Gardens may be included in the price.

Itineraries and prices vary by time of year. Remember this when shopping and comparing cruise rates from New Orleans. Don't forget airline tickets and ground transportation to the port when booking your cruise.

Some of the best New Orleans cruise travel deals can be found at discounted prices online. It is one of the leading online travel agencies and helps travelers find their ideal vacation package and airfare with ease.


European cruises take a beating


Whether you are planning a cruise this year or alternatively if you have never attended one, it is time to seriously consider a cruise holiday in Europe! There are many reasons to do this: The primary and obvious factor is the choice of amazing places available for sightseeing. Whether it's the stunning sandy beaches of the Mediterranean, spectacular Scandinavian fjords, or perhaps the opportunity to contemplate historic ruins, a European cruise trip can provide everything you need. Another factor to consider is, of course, the journey itself – the cruise. You will be able to embark on some of the most luxurious and exotic ships for this kind of journey. This also will not have to break the bank automatically. If luxury cruises seem a little expensive, there are much more economical alternatives, such as discount cruise travel, that will surely be just as enjoyable.

For activities, you will probably find that there is a formal dinner with your captain, plus a wonderful night of dancing to a live orchestra. You will think you are at a royal ball. No doubt it will be a night to remember. Maybe next night is dinner with a theater. In that case, you will enjoy a fantastic dinner, along with a comedy or murder mystery show. After that, there may be other forms of on-stage entertainment or theme nights, as well as onboard theaters. You will really forget that you are on board a ship.

Traveling to Europe can be tiring, and because of the many time zones and jet lag you can make the most of your vacation by staying a few more days before or after your cruise trip. There will be many hotel options available to choose from. It will be much cheaper to book and pay for your extra nights on your own than to try to change your travel plans when you get there.

Europe is basically a mix of customs, attitudes, design, heritage and landscapes, things that are too much to mention. However, when discussing the best time to book, European summers tend to be quite hot, especially around the Mediterranean Sea, so most visitors prefer the milder spring or autumn temperatures. .

So take the stress out of your vacation – let someone worry about food, accommodation, travel, and planning and take advantage of the sights and new friends you'll meet.


No Thailand – What Next for Asia Cheap Flights and Travel?


With the onset of winter for most of the northern hemisphere, many people wonder how long the situation in Thailand will be worrying and what are the options for cheap flights to Asia. The cheap flights they can use still have the necessary warning about winter in Asia.

When looking for the cheapest flights to Asia, I make sure to check multiple airports and several airlines. Invariably, if you are leaving the US from Los Angeles (LAX) or San Francisco (SFO) and often from Seattle, the best bets are China Air and Eva Air, and recently it seems that Asiana Air, which also offers some flights. cheap to Bangkok if you value frequent flyer miles in your calculations.

Today, the best option I can see in Bangkok, Thailand for cheap flights is Singapore. KL and Singapore are a bit more expensive for a flight in early February, with a two to three week stay. I was getting fees that were $ 50 dollars higher for Singapore and a little more for KL. Prior to this current situation, I was looking at these two airports and on some occasions I was rewarded with cheaper flights out of Asia. Once I even flew from Bangkok to Singapore on a 2 hour stop and then back to Bangkok to catch a cheap flight out of Southeast Asia.

Saigon is also one that I check. At the last minute, I caught a flight to Saigon that was several hundred dollars cheaper than the usual routes. The big problem with Vietnam is that you need a visa before you get there, and if you go both ways, they make you buy two visas and you can't get them at the same time, a big pain in the seat cushion . You can also check out Tokyo, but budget carriers are not participating in this market, so big boys can go that way. Hong Kong also seems to be expensive, with no exposure to Air Asia, Tiger Air or Cebu Pacific, which are the best to contain the costs of traveling around Asia on the cheapest flights.

So for the winter season, if you would go to Thailand this year, where would you travel? I would be looking at Cambodia, the Philippines and Vietnam. Cambodia is now one of the safest countries in the region if you ignore traffic accidents. Sihanoukville's beaches now offer everything you can get in Thailand, and they are excited to have you there. Vietnam also has a problem with traffic accidents, but it is also very safe for tourists, but not so friendly and a bit more expensive. The Philippines has a lot of crime in the cities, but if you are on the beaches, you're more likely to enjoy it, as the locations are very friendly and the prices are reasonable outside of high season, which I think refers to plus the hotel owners and not the number of tourists. There has been a lot of pressure on the problems they have in the southern islands, but the people I know who have traveled there recently say this is old news.

I would also be really looking at Indonesia a lot, except for the fact that they are in the monsoon season. For those who disagree with the boycott of Myanmar (Burma), they would also be very high on my list. Northern Malaysia would be on my list if I was mainly looking for beaches. The Perhentian Islands offer some of the cheapest beach resorts in Asia. All of these options offer relative security, a lot of culture and cheap prices.

Prior to this crisis, there was a burnout in Thailand as the cost of staying there continues to rise, and there is no increase in value. Bali, compared to Phuket, for a good face to face comparison for a long stay, if you are on a tight budget, Bali is a much better deal, with more culture and, with the exception of the Internet, a much better infrastructure. The only major negatives in Indonesia are visas and traffic police who view foreigners as mobile ATMs. If you make the mistake of complaining that the target is unfair, they double or quadruple the normal "tea money", which only further aggravates tourists. If you have a lot of security, Bali is the safest place in Asia.

Lots of options, it will be interesting to look back at the end of the winter season to see how this happens. Everyone expects Thailand to go back to normal to do all that.


Cruise to Alaska Guide: What are the most important factors to consider when researching a cruise?


There is never a bad time to travel to Alaska. Major cruise lines offer cruises throughout the year. Cruise season usually occurs from April to September – especially in the summer months. However, the "best" time to go is really subjective.

Many people prefer to go during the summer months because of the hot temperatures. Budget cruisers prefer to wait until May or September, when rates are cheaper and crowds are smaller. The disadvantage of leaving the station is that the weather is more unpredictable and excursions are more likely to be canceled. If you want to check out the northern lights, the best chance to see them is in September. Once again, there is a downside to traveling during this period due to the bustle of the Gulf of Alaska, which is not a good thing for travelers who tend to get sick.

When planning a cruise to Alaska, you will find that there are three basic routes with which most major cruise lines are maintained: round trip from Vancouver, round trip from Seattle and round trip from Vancouver to Alaska. You might also consider a cruise tour, which combines an Alaskan cruise with an inland cruise before or after the actual cruise. These types of tour packages can be from 3 to 5 nights in Anchorage / Fairbanks / Drenali to 5 to 7 nights in the Canadian Rockies.

If your time is limited and you do not have the chance to take a tour before or after a cruise, select an itinerary that includes a shore excursion or two so you can take a mini excursion or simply enjoy a day on the cruise. an Alaskan port city.

Where to visit on your Alaska cruise

You will also want to follow an itinerary that will take you as close as possible to some glaciers. The most beautiful glaciers in the world can only be seen around Alaska on a ship. If you dock at Juneau at any time while traveling, consider visiting Tracy Arm Fjord via Seaplane. It is a sight you do not want to miss. Many travelers prefer to plan and book their own excursions, as those offered on cruise line packages tend to increase the price considerably.

Going on an Alaska cruise requires more than just booking the cheapest package you find. You should consider the departure city (Seattle or Vancouver), the time of year and weather conditions, the route and the ports of call. An Alaska cruise can take anywhere from 5 to 21 days, round trip or round trip. While a one-way cruise sounds good, you may end up paying more for your airfare back to Seattle or Vancouver before returning home to your own city!

Get exclusive discounts on select cruises when shopping online. You'll get all the tools you need to get the best deals on cruises, airline tickets, hotels, and more. Compare all itineraries and prices to help you find the perfect Alaska cruise.